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Set in the dystopic future of Neo Detroit, Occult Absence stars you; an android named A1, found in an abandoned lab by a mysterious doctor. At first, your new life seems inviting, peaceful. But the secrets of Neo Detroit can and will find their way into your mind. Can you solve the mystery of megacorporation Prague Rift? Or will you be unable to comprehend the true nature of your existence?

Script, Programming and Music by Nephetheus (https://twitter.com/Nephetheus)

Art, Characters and Character Design by Ridge (https://twitter.com/jpeghusband)

With some background art help from Dos (https://twitter.com/Dos_Doodles)


This game is technically unfinished. You can still play through the entire game's story, but some of the assets may be unfinished. We will update them at a later date.

Install instructions

Download and run the exe file to extract the game folder, then all you gotta do is run the exe called "game"! I hope you have fun with it.


Occult Absence.exe 252 MB

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